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Luke Bassuener

Asumaya is the solo-looping project of Madison WI multi-instrumentalist, Luke Bassuener, whose music is built from layers of interlocking harmonies and rhythmic patterns to form churning compositions that make heads spin and feet move. Drawing inspiration from his time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana, and from his other lives as a public elementary school art teacher and a part-time post-punk-dub-jazz drummer, Bassuener's songs sound like a warped world music from a place that might not exist.

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Glacial Lakes Conservancy

A private, non-profit land conservation organization. The original founders saw that during the 1990′s, approximately 8,000 rural acres were subdivided for residential purposes in the unincorporated areas of Sheboygan County alone, prompting a deep concern for the future of our region’s lands and waters.

They founded the Sheboygan Area Land Conservancy in 1996 as a volunteer, membership organization to protect and preserve natural areas and farmland within the Sheboygan Country area in Wisconsin.

In January 2005, Glacial Lakes Conservancy (renamed in 2004) expanded its coverage area northward to Kewaunee County. This was accomplished by merging with The Rural Land Legacy Committee of Kewaunee County, an active local group dedicated to preserving farmland, natural areas, and undeveloped Lake Michigan shoreline.

Today, the land trust offers land conservation options, organizational support, and technical guidance to landowners and organizations in Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Kewaunee, Calumet and Fond du Lac counties. GLC owns four properties: William F. Christel Woods and Wetlands Preserve, Grasshopper Hill Preserve, Charles & Winifred Spring West Twin River Preserve, and  Willow Creek Preserve, and also holds 25 conservation easements.

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This film is best viewed on your mobile device with headphones and a strong wifi signal. A Film by Paul Schmidt Filmmaker Paul Schmidt captures spherical video of a clone jam session in the woods with Madison based one-man-band Asumaya (Luke Bassuener).